Construction Notes

Before you ask any questions or point out possible bugs, please read the following:
I'm still working on font sizes, element positioning, etc. I'm getting ready to hand it over to Ami for further tweaking.
The carousel on the default landing page. The home page will not show the carousel in order to show more content. I'm still not sure if we're going to keep the carousel. It's something I"m playing with.
The styling on the menu is still a work in progress.
What am I looking for? Feedback on how this works on different browsers. Also broken links and other major issues.
Known issues:
The Membership page may scroll off the right side a bit in phones. This is due to the length of the text in the drop-down menus. There's a trade-off between giving people a clear explanation of what they're purchasing vs. fitting entirely in a phone. We may want to revisit this next year. When the user clicks on the drop-down on a phone, a phone-friendly list does pop up, so at this point I don't consider this to be a show-stopper.
(That's the major one. I'll add other known issues as I'm aware of them.)
You may ask yourself, "is there a cunning plan?"
Yes, there is. The idea is to get at least to the point where we are on the current system, but more secure (I hope), and with the ability to allow our staff to update some of their own pages.
As with the current site, there are pages that we need to create and edit in Visual Studio. These are pages with a LOT of layout and/or code, such as the Membership and daily schedule pages.
For a page like this with basic layout, we can create and edit it in a text editor. I have a plan to make the menu work with those things. Is it cunning? I dunno.
Please contact me with questions or major bugs you don't see addressed on this page.

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