Join us for tea this weekend!

The Mad Hatter hasn't confirmed his attendance yet (because he's mad and that's how he rolls), but we hope you'll join us at ConDFW in Dallas for a tea party. We'll be serving treats and offering membership specials in the con suite on Saturday, Feb. 13, from 2 to 4 p.m. Any membership purchased at the party will be $5 off.

And the party will also be your first chance to register for the FenCon Writers Workshop. For $40 plus a FenCon membership, you get an intense writing workshop with special workshop guest Cat Rambo. Cat will do an in-depth critique of a submitted piece, a First Pages read in front of the class of a second piece, and will present information on market research, social media, revising, and making the most of conventions. The workshop begins before the convention, with sessions on Thursday night and Friday morning, and additional sessions during the convention. Registration opens at 2 p.m. on Feb. 13, either online or at the party, and is limited to the first 15 participants. This workshop is sure to sell out quickly, so hurry to get your membership and register. 

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped make FenCon XII a success this year.

To the Fen who followed us to the new hotel: Thank you for your support. We can't hold this convention without you!

To the Guests and Program Participants: Thank you for attending and helping us provide great programming!

To the Staff and Volunteers: Thanks, and get some sleep!

To everyone we missed in this post (yep, we're sleep deprived today): Thank you. 

We'll be rolling over to a new site soon, and in the meantime here's a list of guests we have lined up so far:

Guest of Honor: Jim C. Hines

Music Guests of Honor: Bill and Brenda Sutton

Fen Guest of Honor: Sara Felix

Toastmaster: Esther Friesner

Science Guest of honor: Michael S. Brotherton

And more to come!

Our theme: Magical Journeys. 

Having a "Social Event," "Meet and Greet." "Gathering of the Clans," or "Party" at FenCon this year?

If you have not already done so. please contact hotel@fencon.org and let us know so we can make sure your room is on the same floor with the rest of fun. This will help prevent noise complaints and make your party even better. (you don't want to be the only one who gets shut down by the hotel, do you?) 

The 14th floor is our active floor.

Sorry to have to break this news...

Unfortunately, the Heather Dale Band is unable to attend FenCon this year. This is due to circumstances beyond their and our control. We hope to have them back at FenCon another time.

Standing in support of the Maker community

The Dallas Future Society stands in support of Ahmed Mohamed, his family, and all other young people who are curious, inquisitive, and love to create. We celebrate the scientific and Maker spirit embodied by Ahmed and fine young people like him, and we encourage anyone in authority -- teachers, principals, police officers, or mayors -- to learn more about technology and the Maker movement so that they can support the scientists and engineers of the future rather than mistakenly fearing them, and so that tragic incidents like Ahmed's arrest never occur again. 

The mission of the Dallas Future Society is to promote the advancement of science, literature, and music in North Texas and surrounding regions by bringing together top people in the fields of science, science fiction, fantasy, music, and art. Our goal is to make a better future through development and dissemination of ideas in science and the arts.

The (almost) final schedule is up!

We've been filling in the grids and publishing schedules to the website. Take a look in the programming section for more info!

Volunteer today!

Did you know that FenCon is an all-volunteer organization? It's true. People just like you help us make FenCon such an awesome event every year. If you work at least 12 hours at the con, you can earn a free membership for next year! Check our or Volunteer page for information.

(Psst! Certain activities can earn you extra hours! Contact our volunteer coordinator for details!)

Don't Forget to Book Your Room!

Our room block closes at 5:00 PM CST today (September 3). Rooms may not be available at our great rate after this time.

And what, you may ask, is that great rate? $99 for up t four people in a standard room, or $129 for a suite. The price includes free in-room wi-fi access. 

We're at the Westin Dallas-Fort Worth airport, a short distance from - you guessed it - DFW Airport. And yes, there is an airport shuttle! 

Book your room here.

Hurry, because time is running out...

Pre-Register now for FenCon...Time is Slipping Away!

Our Pre-Registration period ends September 1st. After that you will no longer be able to get a Friend of the Fen membership! 

And regular memberships will only be available at the door! 

A Friend of the Fen will enable you to : 

- choose between a convention T-Shirt or Tote Bag

- Have an an exclusive Friend's only autograph session with the Guests of Honor

- Goody Bags! 

All for only an additional $15 over your regular attending membership. 

Our cutoff date is fast approaching - don't let Time catch up with you! Register today!