Keith Landsdale

Keith Landsdale
 Keith writes comics, film scripts, novels, and short stories.

Keith has made films such as The Pale Door, The Projectionist (in production), and Christmas With The Dead, adapted for the screen, a stage musical, and even a pod cast. 

Keith has written multiple comics such as Hoot Goes There, a short X-Files series for IDW comics, Mud for Creepy Comics, Prisoner Of Violence (an extension of the Prisoner 489 universe), along with comic adaptations of Crawling Sky for Antarctica Comics, Vampirella for Diamond comics, Dog, Cat, and Baby for Dark Horse and Avatar comics, as well as adaptations for God of the Razor, the Dump, The Fat Man, a short comic called The Hanging (in production), and others.

Among his writing credits are, the novella Big Lizard with Joe R Lansdale, as well as the short story, Hoppity White Rabbit Done Broke Down, appearing in the recent collection: The Drive-In: Multiplex.

Others of mention, soon to be released are Elijah’s Elixer, It Goes With Everything (inspired by Ozymandias), Two Sides Of The Same Dream (pirate/Lovecraft).

He was also a co-editor for Son Of Retro Pulp Tales, published by Subterranean Press and is editing multiple other collections.

Keith also co-wrote the children's story The Companion when he was twelve with his younger sister which was picked up by the tv show Creepshow and co-authored the children’s book In Waders From Mars.

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