Lisa Snellings

Lisa Snellings
Lisa grew up in South Carolina, where her favorite pastimes were reading science fiction and horror books and making art with any medium available. Her unique artistic perspective was further informed by her first job at a hospital, specifically in its basement morgue. A fascination for county fairs and her family’s deep involvement in religion added to the mix, resulting in beautiful, whimsical, and sometimes macabre sculptures. These found captive audiences at speculative fiction conventions, drawing the attention of authors she had grown up reading. Her kinetic carnival collection, “Dark Caravan,” premiered at the 59th World Science Fiction Convention in 2001 and eventually made its way to the American Visionary Art Museum in 2010. Lisa has enjoyed collaborating with the likes of Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, Larry Niven and Peter S. Beagle. Her “Poppets,” two-inch-tall figurines that mimic “silly humans,” are collected around the world.

Her highly acclaimed novel “Night Birds” written with Alan M. Clark, was published in 2022. “No Other Season” a collaboration with Jan Thie, is a collection of writings inspired by her art and was published in June of this year. Currently, Lisa is writing “The Poppet’s Guide to the Tarot” and “The Little Red House.” 

After nearly two decades in the Southern California desert, Lisa lives in Eugene, Oregon with her spouse, Pete Clark, and two ever-present cats.

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