Scott Zrubek

Scott Zrubek
 Scott has been active in convention running since 1997. His first job was to assist in running security for LoneStarCon2 in San Antonio. His second was running security for the World Fantasy Convention (WFC) in Corpus Christi in 2000. Starting in 2004, he has been in charge of ArmadilloCon’s Art Show. In various years, he has run (or helped to run) the Art Show for WorldCon in 2013, WFC in 2006, 2017, 2021, and 2022. He is currently scheduled to run the Art Show for NASFiC 2023 in Winnipeg, and WFC 2024 in Niagara Falls.   

As is often the case with folks who run art shows, Scott tends to acquire works of art at shows he runs, and others he attends. The collection spills off the walls of his home and into piles waiting to rotate onto the walls. He has a number of pieces that were used as cover art for Roger Zelazny’s books and magazine appearances. The art includes works by Ron Walotsky, Wendy Pini, Richard Hescox, and others. 

As a continuation of his interest in Roger Zelazny, He runs the website Zelazny & Amber, a major on-line resource for the works of Roger Zelazny. He also edited the book "Manna from Heaven", a collection of the harder-to-find short stories by Roger, of which a second edition of which was recently published. His two dogs, both Blue Heelers, are named after Zelazny characters: Random and Oberon.

Scott's craftwork can occasionally be found in convention art shows. He works in stained glass, chainmaille wood, and leather. Check back next month, it will probably have changed.   

Outside of fandom, he is currently working on the data infrastructure for the soon-to-be-launched space station that will orbit the moon.  He also studies Shindo Muso Ryu and studies and teaches Tomiki-Ryu Aikido.

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