Dr.Robert E. Hampson

Dr. Robert E. Hampson
Dr. Robert E. Hampson  

Internationally recognized physiologist and neuroscientist, Dr. Robert E. Hampson, leads the multi-university team that was first to demonstrate restoration of human memory using the brain's own information codes.  His forty-year scientific career has ranged from studying the effects of commonly abused drugs on memory, to the effects of space radiation on the brain.  He is a popular speaker and advisor on memory and the brain, having been interviewed by BBC, CNN, NPR, BYU Radio, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal. 

Known in nonscientific circles as Dr. Rob, he is a Hugo-nominated science writer with more than thirty essays, interviews, and talks on science for general audiences.  As a Science Fiction author, he has published more than 25 short stories, co-edited two anthologies that combined hard science and science fiction, co-authored two novels, with two additional co-authored novels due out this year and a solo novel due out next year.  With a combination of science and science fiction credentials, he has been a consultant to TV and game producers, defense contractors, and more than dozen science fiction authors.

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