Cedar Sanderson

Cedar Sanderson
(Cedar Sanderson)  Cedar Sanderson's long and checkered career started with being paid in plants. Since then, she's come to prefer money, and has tried many ways to earn it: balloon twister, face painter, children's librarian, scientist, cosmetic chemist, author, artist, and many more. Currently she writes for a living with facts, and on the side she writes fiction for fun. Author of ten novels, countless short stories, and a children's book, she has also edited an anthology, and illustrated five coloring books. A born researcher, Cedar's passion for reading metamorphosed into writing, fueled by her long interest in history, infectious disease, food anthropology, and human behavior. After her four children had reached a suitable age, Cedar returned to higher education and obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Forensic Science and Investigation with minors in Chemistry and Molecular Biology, which enabled her to finally display the credentials to match her passion for scientific research. She currently resides somewhere in the north of Texas with a retired husband (who brings her coffee in the morning), a teenage son and his cat, and the family dog. She creates art daily, and writes fiction as often as she can make time. Her business, Sanderley Studios, offers her an umbrella under which she offers graphic design services, publishes her fiction and art books, and enables her to edit anthologies on occasion.

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