FenCon XV - September 21-23, 2018 |
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A Fan-Operated Science Fiction and Fantasy Literary and Filk Convention in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Aislinn Burrows & Carmen Bryan

Aislinn Burrows and Carmen Bryan

(SoonerCon) (Future Society of Central Oklahoma) (Facebook) Carmen Bryan and Aislinn Burrows are the nerd girl pairing of a young Gen-Xer and an old Millennial. You can tell because they both still listen to vinyl and don’t have cable. They stay pretty busy running SoonerCon in Oklahoma City and geeking out with fellow fans. Volunteering is legit fun you guys! They are also pretty deep into their Pathfinder and other RPG campaigns, so it works.

Aislinn is the convention chair for SoonerCon and has been volunteering since its reboot in 2006. She holds an associate degree in diversified studies and works in marketing and public relations at Oklahoma City Community College. Her fandoms span a large cross section of SF media and she considers herself a Girl Friday type and NPR junkie. Find her on Facebook, out and about, writing sometimes, or working on con stuff with her crack team of Nerf hoarders.

Carmen works in commercial retail and is SoonerCon’s AV Chair. She is one of the original seven founders of the Tornado Alley Roller Girls roller derby team, skating as Homicide #187 from 2007 to 2009. She enjoys composing electronic music in her spare time and is an avid horror fan. She hopes to catch a spaceflight in her lifetime. You can usually find her chilling and coloring somewhere.

Aislinn and Carmen were married in 2013. They are proud aunties and like to get out the vote. It is their tremendous honor to be invited as Fan Guests at FenCon this year, because it’s their home-away-from-home con and one of their Horcruxes. They live with their fur family in a small house filled with books, oddities, art, warmth and joy.

(Photo: JSJ Photography)

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