Leslie Hudson

Leslie Hudson

(Leslie Hudson) A powerhouse at the mic, Leslie Hudson can cut  through a crowd of sound with a caress. With eight solo albums under her belt (and more on the way) her songs span from rock to geek to faerie and demonstrate not only her versatility as a musician but her refusal to be contained. Currently based in the Toronto area Leslie plays local venues and events, and travels abroad to festivals and conventions.

With a background in Celtic culture and a lifelong interest in folklore, Leslie’s songs are rooted in the art of storytelling. Whether those tales are inspired by modern media, pop culture, ancient myths or twisted retellings of childhood fairytales, every song she writes tells a story.

Other panels with Leslie Hudson:

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Friday  4:00 PM  Chinaberry  

“Tempest in a Bottle” - Music Workshop
Friday  6:00 PM  Red Oak  

Is it Filk, is it Nerd, is it geek, Its just MUSIC
Saturday  10:00 AM  Chinaberry  

Friend of the Fen GoH Autograph Session
Saturday  1:00 PM  Room of Requirement   Library

Leslie Hudson in Concert
Saturday  2:00 PM  Trinity V  

20 Years of Harry Potter
Sunday  10:00 AM  Red Oak